What is MESBuilder?

MESBuilder is our development platform that allows us to develop quickly and at a favourable price tailor made MES* systems to end users-production companies, service providers and OEM builders. No matter in which sector you operate and what your business size is: Our systems fit 100% at your business and your operational goals, according to your own unique rules and in your own terms, so that you get the grip on your operations within your production site. 

That’s fine, but every Tom, Dick and Harry says so... What's so special about MESBuilder?  

Our approach. We apply a  technique called ' model driven software engineering '. A model of your own business operations generates the MES system itself.
We try not to make your operations fit in a standard MES package from the shelf or an abstract ISA95 model, as our colleagues do.

And ... How does that work? 

Compare it to 3D printing, but not of an object, but of an Automation System. First we create a model of your operations, your requirements and operational goals and generate with that your MES system. The customer has a system that suits him, feels familiar and what does what it should do. Each system what we provide is custom, but comes about without extensive customization. The technique behind this is called ' model driven software engineering '. 

So with MESBuilder you can generate any custom MES system?   


It is still abstract matter, can you provide some examples?

Certainly, we developed two demo webapplications, just to give you an impression of what is possible with MESBuilder. Currently we are working on more demos for other branches.