Model-driven software development (MDSD)

Model-driven software development is one of the basic principles of our product. It means that the first step is to model the operations in the development environment. With the operations model  a MES package with software  project is generated with which the Smart Industry System can be configured, adjusted and compiled. After the project is configured the system can be stress tested in runtime. Finally, the generated code can be adjusted in order to alter or change the business logic and the standard user interfaces as desired.

We make the following demands on modeling:
1. Modeling (Model-driven software development) of the operations model is the basis of the MES system to generate.
2. The skill how to model as well as the the starting model - the blank model- should be to explain within a half hour to a customer without any IT experience. Therefore the development environment should be intuitive.
3. The modeling is object oriented
4. The number of base object types to start the modeling must be limited. Our model is based on four basic building blocks.
5. The modeling should be generally applicable and intuitive.
6. Modeling from scratch can be done in three different ways: starting with an blank model, starting from a complete template for an industry or business type or starting from a blank model with the use of snippets (a portion of a model that depicts a particular functionality) .
7. One is able to alter the model and re-genererate without loosing the existing custom adjustments in the code.